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An established family owned manufacturing business, allows us to provide you with that special attention when you purchase from us. We are not a nameless behemoth that is only interested in profits, we manufacture items and pride in the final finish. From the start, quality products, friendly service, fast delivery and competitive trade prices has been the benchmark to which the company has striven, maintaining steady growth throughout the years.

At Somnior Beds, you will find products with a wide range of attractive and fashionable finishes from prints, natural products such as bamboo, Aloe Vera, wool and knitted polyester.

Somnior have their own delivery depot, and are able to deliver to retail stores in all parts of the UK on a weekly basis.

We cover the whole spectrum from budget products for rental properties, to luxury models for individual tastes. If you are interested in becoming a stockist contact us today.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is a simple three fold statement:  

Statement 1: Manufacture quality products:

We pride ourselves on the fact that our products have consistently been recommended by customers as top quality every time and where very rarely we have missed this mission target, our customer services have quickly and painlessly rectified the situation to 100% customer satisfaction.

Statement 2: Provide the best customer experience at all times:

We realise that mistake can happen, or people can change their minds about a product or simply wish to enquire about adding that little something to their order. That is why we try and provide as much support and information to our customers as possible, before they buy the product and after buying the product, our aftercare service will always try and help whenever they can.

Statement 3: Have happy customers who will come back to us again:

We want our customers to feel they can return any time to buy from us with the same confidence every time. That is why we treat each and every customer as part of our Somnior Beds extended family.

Tel: 01924 452 086


Imperial  Mattress Released

This month we have released our latest offering in the quality mattress range the imperial luxury filling mattress.

Somnior Beds Tops Regional Awards

Somnior beds has been awarded the regional award for excellent service.

Somnior Moves To Bigger Premises

Due to the increasing demand for Somnior Beds products, we have now moved to new and bigger premises.


Starting up, need a supplier

Somnior recognise that small entrepreneurs need good suppliers and we are here to help.

Great British Tradition

Somnior support local business by buying local and sourcing local. All our products are British made.


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